Did you know it was possible to create your own Luck? 

If not, it is. What's crazy is I knew it was possible but just never realized it until I heard the exact words. For me this is something no one can take from you. No one can take it with their negative words, actions or bad energy not even negative vibes you can get just from scrolling through social media! It is always your turn, focus on you.

A resilient attitude can always transform bad luck into good, sound like some lucky information to me lol. 


Did you know there has been studies and research on luck? who would have ever thought someone would take the time for this type of research? Well, the study basically suggests it's our thoughts and behavior that allows us to encounter the good and bad. I mean think about it look at the negative things and images we encounter on social media that can definitely influence our mind and our way of thinking right? or let's do this.... as a woman I honestly hate the term "all men cheat" don't get me wrong I have encountered a serial cheater that cried because he wanted to fix it but couldn't for whatever reason but also had enough good experiences. My point is if you accept this term and repeat it that's simply what you're going to get, and do you actually want that? so what's the point of accepting it.

See below a list of things you can use on your journey of creating your own LUCK!

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Take Chances

Stay Positive

Trust Yourself

Be generous

Embrace Failure

Expect good things to happen

Use your intuition

Visualize success 


You are LUCKY